Various Crochet Projects

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This is my attempt at the Tranquility Doily by Crochet Geek.  Fortunately, she not only has the written instructions on her blog, but also a video tutorial walk through on YouTube, located here.  You can see exactly how far I got with it before frustration set in.  I finished joining those five (six?) pieces you see there more than a year ago and haven’t touched it since.  I originally had grand plans to make that tiny scrap into a lovely tablecloth, but… yeah.  Obviously it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe one day.

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And here is my (pathetic) attempt at a flowered headband/ear warmer.  I didn’t use a pattern for this, just sort of guessed as I went along; but I think it came out too wide for my head, and the flower is far too large.  I look like I have a growth on the side of my head.  Eventually, I hope to revisit this pattern and tweak it so it actually looks good.

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The hat you’ve seen in a previous post – Cloche Inspired Hats – but I posted it again because it matches the arm warmers I made for my daughter.  The pattern for the arm warmers I got from this blog.  However, I used a third color for the cuffs so that all the colors from the hat would be repeated in the arm warmers.  My daughter loves them and wears them all the time, even in the summer.  O_o

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My attempt at a large granny-square bag, with crocheted straps and cloth lining sewn in.  I didn’t use a pattern for this, either, so maybe once (if) I manage to perfect it, I’ll write down a pattern for those who want it.

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My friend Tina asked me for a hooded scarf with pockets.  I obliged.  I found the basic pattern here, but adapted it a bit to fit Tina’s request.  The scarf is about 10 – 15 (can’t remember exactly) rows longer than the one on Dearest Debi, and instead of folding up the ends of the scarf to make the pockets, I just crocheted 2 squares and sewed them into place.  I also added the ‘fun fur’ around the edges of the pockets and the hood to give it a bit of ‘pop.’  And, obviously, I neglected to add the bear ears.

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These are a pair of water bottle slings that my mom and her friend Pam requested for when they go walking.  They worked up relatively quickly, and were a great little project to use up the loose odds and ends of yarn I had laying about.  You can find the pattern here.