Final Countdown

Well, okay.  I guess it’s not the final final countdown.  I’m not dying or anything.  But we’re in the single digits for our countdown to the last day of school.  Yes!!!  This much-needed break can not come quickly enough.  I am utterly, absolutely, without a doubt exhausted.  It just seems like we constantly have something going on, or somewhere we’re expected to be, or things that have to get done… it is literally never ending.  And honestly, it’s like this every year the closer we get to the last day of school.  The kids are fried, the teachers are toast, and everyone’s patience and tolerance levels are so much lower.  It’s difficult, but we’ll get through it and then we have 9 weeks of summer break to enjoy.  (That’s the bit I’m looking forward to.)


So, two days ago was our Celebration of Learning, and my choir was asked to perform a few songs in the library so as to show parents and other students what we’re all about, and to provide a bit of entertainment as they’re walking around and looking at all the displays.  The kids did a phenomenal job; I am so proud of them, I could burst.  We got a ton of compliments from parents, teachers, and other students, and I had about two dozen approach me to tell me that they would be joining choir next year.  This is EXCELLENT!  Then yesterday was our Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, sponsored and hosted by the wonderful ladies of our PTO.  We were each given an insulted purple lunchbox with the phrase, “Ironwood School ROCKS!” emblazoned across the front in bright yellow.  I love it.  I brought it home and scrawled my name on the inside in permanent marker almost as soon as I walked through the door.  The lunchbox was filled was yummy treats like candy bars, Cheez-its, a Rice Krispies treat, and even a Smencil (scented pencil) that smelled like Peppermint!  Unfortunately, I had to leave the luncheon early to get to my CPR/First Aid re-certification class on time, but I got through that with relatively no bumps or bruises, though I did volunteer to let the teacher splint me for a broken wrist.  And, plus side, I get paid for my time in the class.


Next Thursday is our official choir concert, and Friday is the school’s Talent Show – in which my daughter is performing and so is the choir – and then it’s only Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week before WE.ARE.DONE!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be so close to the end of this year.  It’s gone by fast, but the days themselves have been long.


In other news, I have been crocheting like a madwoman and would like to enter a couple of things into the Woolhogs May Made It Challenge.  First up is the doily I crocheted for my Mother-In-Law for Mother’s Day.

5 7 13


This is the first 11 rounds of the Thistledown Doily, found on this page.  There’s a LOT of really pretty patterns there, and not just for doilies!

Next up is the Diamonds Shawl that I crocheted for my Secret Buddy at work.  I have been working on this thing for MONTHS, but it’s so gorgeous and perfect for our Arizona desert weather, and I’m just glad that I managed to finish the thing without taking a butcher knife to it at least once.

5 16 13 001 5 16 13 002


Heidi really seemed to like it, so I’m glad about that (that’s her in the first photo, wearing her new shawl).  It’s actually quite long – so much so that it’s longer than my kitchen table.


Well, fellow bloglanders, that’s about it from my little corner of the world.  I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far, and I will see you again when I have more projects to share and/or more tales about my life to bore you with.

Weekend Funsies and a WIP

3 31 13 001


First, I would like to show off my newest WIP – the Diamonds Shawl from Kristin Omdahl’s book, “Crochet So Fine.”  This shawl is taking FOREVER to do, but in the end, I think it’s going to be worth it.  Lightweight and airy, which is perfect for desert weather, and a lovely pattern that can be dressed up or down, depending upon the situation.  I’m looking forward to finishing it.  Below is a closer picture of the shawl pattern.

3 31 13 002



Yesterday, Dean and I took the kidlets to the Renaissance Festival for a day of just being out and about with the family.  He and I are great big nerds, and we both have full costumes; but we’ve never bought outfits for the kids because they’d wear them once and then outgrow them before the Festival ever came back to town.  SO, we rented outfits for them instead.  And, of course, I took pictures.  Here are Brendan and Alyssa first in their costumes – he as a noble boy and she as a peasant maiden, then Alyssa and I – I’m a belly dancer, and finally Dean and Brendan – Dean is a nobleman.

Brendan And Alyssa  Alyssa and Robin  Dean and Brendan


We had a lot of fun at the Festival, though we did miss the Falconry show.  However, we got to see the lads of Tartanic, and finally managed to buy a CD.  It’s already been copied to the computers and downloaded to all the various and sundry iPods/iPhones to be listened to at our leisure.  Also, we all got souvenirs of our time at the Festival, though I only got a couple of pictures.  Dean’s got a running collection of mugs from every year at the Ren Faire starting with 2005, so he picked up a 2013 mug as well as a silver flask and holder to add to his costume’s belt.  Both of the kids picked up a necklace of their choosing, plus Brendan picked out a plain wooden sword that he’s now started to paint, and Alyssa chose a lovely blue and green leather mask.  I actually picked up a whole new costume – more gypsy and less belly dancer this time – but I couldn’t get a decent photo of me in it.  So, you get a picture of my new hair spiral, instead.  I fell in love with the hair wraps years ago and have always made it my goal to get a hair wrap every year that we go to the Renaissance Festival.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that they only last for about 3 months, and when you want/need to take it out, you have to cut your hair because the thread is glued in.  With the hair spiral, I basically get the same effect, but the spiral can be removed and put back in at will, with no damage (or CUTTING) done to my hair.

Alyssa's Mask  Hair Spiral


Now the kids and husband are all in bed, and I’m headed that way myself in order to prepare for work in the morning (blech!).  And thus our weekend funsies come to a close.  How was your weekend, fellow bloggers?

Shawls Aplenty

1 3 12

This is the first shawl I’ve ever made.  It’s just a simple triangle shawl, made with double crochets in each row and increasing by 2 in every row – one at the beginning of the row, and another at the end of the row.

1 8 13

This is the Summer Shawl, located here.  However, I changed the pattern a bit on the edges, as I didn’t like the look of the chain fringe.  Instead, I added flower fringe and shells, like so:

*Ch 20; sl st in 5th chain from hook to form ring; [ch 3, dc, ch 3 sl st in ring] 3 times; ch 15; sc, 3 dc, sc in next space (to attach fringe to shawl body) *; repeat from * to * all the way around the two longest sides of the shawl and join with a sl st to first sc of Shell Edging.

1 8 13 002

This is the Sprout Chains Shawlette from Kristin’s Omdahl’s book, “Crochet So Fine.”