Cardigan Hijinks

I finally finished that cardigan I’ve been working on for the past few weeks, and was super excited to try it on.  Imagine my rather immense disappointment, then, when I realized that it was far too small for me.  Admittedly, this is (probably) my own fault, as I used a linen based crochet thread instead of the yarn that the pattern called for.  In my defense, I live in the desert and didn’t want anything bulky and hot, but rather something light and airy that could be worn over a tank top and still keep me relatively cool.  Live and learn, I suppose; I’ll just have to increase the pattern size next time.  And there WILL be a next time.  I am determined to make myself a cardigan, come hell or high water!


Well, luckily for me, I have a daughter who happens to fit this particular ‘oops’ perfectly.  Yes, she fits it, rather than it fitting her.  That’s just the way we roll around here.


3 27 13 001 3 27 13 002


Despite my size screw-up, I still think it came out okay.  Especially given that this is my first attempt ever at an actual garment like this.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?