I am SO not good at drawing, but occasionally I’ll get a bug up my rear and try it out.  I do my drawing/sketching by hand, then scan it into the computer and color digitally on PhotoShop.  Most of my drawings are of characters in books or movies, or role play characters.  Don’t be too harsh, yeah?


Max – my first chibi experiment

Chibi Tinkerbell

Chibi Show White

Chibi Cinderella


Chibi Belle


A vampire character – request

Wolf character – another request

Kitty and Khalid – a gift for an online acquaintance of their characters


Khepri – a RP character

Jey’Tsu – a character inspired by the movie “Avatar” (not the cartoon)


My rendition of Tokio Hotel’s lead singer, Bill Kaulitz (I love his hair)

Chibified characters – requested from an online acquaintaince – just a sketch


Practice at perspective drawing – just a sketch

More practice

More to come if I ever get another itch to pick up my sketchpad again.  Since I haven’t done so in over a year, it’s not likely… but I make no promises.

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