Meet the Family

Well, since there’s an About Me page, and my family makes up 99.9% of who I am, I figured I would share the loves of my life with you.  First up is my husband, Dean.  This man is amazing, and has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  I can honestly say that I don’t know where or what I would be without him.

2 23 2013 002

My apologies for the blurry photo; we were out to dinner on a date night and the lighting wasn’t very good.  We have been together for 11 years, and will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary on May 1st.  During that time, I have learned to love this man more and more every day as I witness his strength, courage, and the love he has for our children and home.  He truly is my best friend, and the one companion I would choose to have with me for the rest of eternity.

Next up are the heathens, also known as my children, Brendan and Alyssa.

BrendanBrendan is 13 years old – he’ll be 14 on November 1st, and looks so much like his dad, it’s slightly ridiculous.  A gamer at heart and by nature, my son can usually be found either in his room playing on his laptop, or in the living room playing on either the Playstation or the Xobx 360.  When I met Dean, this kid (it’s still so hard to think of him as a young man!) was not yet 3 years old, but he wormed his way into my heart almost instantly.  Two years later, when Dean and I got married, I adopted this tyke as my own, legally and for keeps, and have never looked back.  I may not have given birth to him, but Brendan is my son in every way that matters.


Alyssa just turned 12 on March 17th, and it scares me sometimes how pretty she is.  (Of course, that could just be a mother’s bias, but hey.)  This little lady is an insanely talented musician – a skill she picked up from her mother, thank you very much – and has been playing the clarinet in the school band for the past three years.  She’s been first chair for most of that time, and been nominated by her band teacher twice for the District Honor Band.  She is also in choir – I’m sure it helps that Mom is the school’s choir teacher – and has participated in the school’s Talent Show for the past two years as a solo singer.  This year, she’s auditioned with a friend for a duet, but we haven’t heard yet if they’ve made it in.

So, that’s us in a nutshell.  At least once a month, we try to do something all together as a family; whether we take a day trip out of town to go hiking, or attend a visiting faire/festival, or have a family date night.  And ever other Sunday, we pick up my 92-year-old grandmother – who we call Mema – and take her out for dinner so she can see the kids and get out of her assisted living home.  Here’s Dean and the kids with Mema a few months ago:

2 3 13

Like any family, we have our squabbles and disagreements, but for the most part, our lives are fairly happy and calm.  The kids are healthy and well-adjusted, and Dean and I try to regularly make time for just ourselves so we don’t lose sight of us as a couple.

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  1. Hello there, it’s a pleasure to meet you all 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog… and now we’ll be following along with each other ❤

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