Spring Hand-Flower

I don’t know if I’m allowed to enter two things into the Woolhogs Made It contest or not, but I finished the bracelet that matches the Spring Headband I made for my daughter.  Except… it’s a bit more than just a bracelet.  It’s actually a hand-flower; so a cuff around the wrist, and then a triangle that goes down the back of the hand and is connected to a ring that goes on the middle finger.  Some of you may remember a few posts ago, I talked about how my husband and I took our kids to the Renaissance Festival, and how we’re great big nerdlings and dress up every year.  I have a pair of chain mail hand-flowers that I bought from the Renaissance Festival several years ago, so this was inspired by that.  No pattern yet, but maybe if it’s popular I’ll sit down and write one out.

4 18 13 001

It’s not real clear in the picture – my iPhone doesn’t take the best pictures, I’m afraid – but either end is actually done with chain mail and finished off with a circular lobster clasp (I don’t know what else to call the thing, sorry.  O_O).  Turns out it’s a little too big on my daughter, so I’m going to revisit it tomorrow and take out some of the chain mail pieces to make it a little smaller.  Actually, it’s too big on me, too, so I’m thinking that this revisiting thing is going to be interesting.  ^_^


4 18 13 002

This is my hand you see here, and while the cuff is fastened on the underside of my wrist, there’s also quite a bit tucked under my arm to try and hide just how big it was on me.  Still came out cute, I think, and it’s lightweight and comfortable.  I think I might try to make another of these, but with beads next time instead of flowers.

So.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?  All are welcome and appreciated!


15 comments on “Spring Hand-Flower

  1. *Wisher* says:

    ohhhh..is looks perfect for spring.. love the bright colours

    • Gray says:

      Thank you very much! I love playing with colors, and I’m so glad that this didn’t turn out garish, as I was slightly afraid it might. ^_^

  2. You are allowed more than one entry to woolhogs. Really like the idea of this. Very unique. Xxx

  3. oooo thats simply stunning! love it. xxxxxxx

  4. Pat says:

    Please do write us a pattern. It’s adorable .

    • Gray says:

      I’m currently working on a pattern for a headband; but once I finish that – and all the other zillions of unfinished and unstarted projects I’ve got lying about – I’ll write a patter for this. Thanks for your comment! ^_^

  5. Maryanne says:

    You are you ARE!!! Yay Gray, I love it, I’m picturing some on some feet too!!

    • Gray says:

      They could definitely be worn on feet as a colorful decoration. I’m thinking about making some with bells on them to go with my Gypsy and Belly-Dancer costumes for the Renaissance Festival.

  6. […] themed Spring Headband (modeled by her lovely daughter) and her Renaissance-inspired chain mail Hand-Flower!!! Gorgeous projects, thank […]

  7. mtetar says:

    What beautiful work of patience you do! Thank you for following my blog. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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