Spring Headband

I haven’t posted anything for a while, and there are a couple of factors that have contributed to that.  One, is that I’ve been crocheting so much recently that my left pinky has gotten quite sore.  I’ve been taking a little bit of a break and only crocheting here and there to give myself a bit of time off.  Secondly is that we are coming up on the end of our school year, and everything seems to be exploding.  This whole week is AIMS testing (blarg on standardized testing, but we won’t go there), and as a classroom aide, I have been proctoring in a 4th grade classroom, and will continue to do so until Thursday.  Basically, I’m just another pair of eyes to make sure no one is cheating, and another pair of hands to pass out pencils, scratch paper, tissues, and to collect test sheets.  I really don’t do much, but for some reason, AIMS week wears me out completely.

Added to that, my daughter’s 6th grade trip to Catalina is coming up this Sunday, and I am one of the chaperons.  While I am looking forward to it, I’m not anywhere near ready.  I’m not packed, I need to get both my daughter and myself new swimsuits (blarg, again), make sure we have all the necessary items, fill out all the proper chaperon-y paperwork, etc.  It’s enough to make my head asplode.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve got new kids joining choir every day and don’t have nearly enough music folders for all of them.  Our Area Choir Festival is next Monday, and I have busted my rear to get these kids ready for it; but I won’t be able to go and direct them as I’ll be in Catalina and will be leaving my part up to another teacher.  My end of the year choir concert is next month, and we haven’t begun learning our songs for that as we’ve been focused on the festival music.  PLUS we’re singing two songs at the school’s talent show.

…..and people wonder why I want to take up drinking as a side hobby.

The whole point of this post (sorry about the tangent, guys… guess I needed to rant a bit) was to say that I finally completed a project!  YAY!  This is the Spring Headband, made for my daughter, Alyssa, and I am entering it into the WoolHogs April Made It contest.

4 16 13 0014 16 13 002

Yes, it’s simple, but it’s my first entry ever and I think it’s cute.  So does my daughter, which is really all that matters.  I had some leftovers flowers that were originally intended for the headband, but they made it look to cluttered so I think I’m going to make a bracelet with them.  I guess we’ll see what happens.


7 comments on “Spring Headband

  1. Maryanne says:

    Heeheee, loved your post – I can identify on loads of levels! Thank you so much for entering your GORGEOUS headband, you are so lucky that your daughter’s so willing to model for you!!! My two just think I’m so uncool!! Enjoy your trip to Catalina – sounds fantastic….maybe your pinky will make a speedy recovery!!! xxx

    • Gray says:

      Thanks, Maryanne! My daughter was intending to wear her new headband to school today, but she ended up getting sick last night and will be staying home, unfortunately. Hopefully she’s well in time for the Catalina trip!

  2. nat says:

    What a pretty headband!! Just gorgeous 🙂

  3. angella says:

    love the headband. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment- much appreciated. good luck to you too for the Made it competition!
    much love.

  4. […] the “season” themed Spring Headband (modeled by her lovely daughter) and her Renaissance-inspired chain mail Hand-Flower!!! Gorgeous […]

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