Crocheting Woes

I hate – UTTERLY hate – when I get about 75% of a project done and realize I’ve done it all wrong.  This is what happened to me last night.  I’ve been working on a cardigan for the better part of two weeks – Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan by Jenny King, a free Ravelry download located here – and thought I was doing all right.  I’ve never put together something so big before, and had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing.  The pattern itself was originally published wrong, so not only is the pattern rife with corrections that have to be interpreted, but there aren’t many pictures to go along with it to compare your own work to.  So, there I was, bebopping along and hoping I was doing it right, when I actually put my work down to look at it.  Not only was the entire bottom skirt of the cardigan wrong, but I had sewn the two side panels to the front incorrectly.  Basically, I ripped it all out and had to start over again from the point of attaching the two front panels to the back piece.

Hopefully I’ve got it sorted out now and won’t be having any more issues with it, but I suppose I’ll have to wait until I’ve finished it to see how it turns out.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve done something else wrong, because the shoulders don’t line up, and when it’s time to sew them together, the seam looks like it’s going to end up on the front of the garment, rather than on top of the shoulders.  Oh, I’m so confused.

Maybe another bottle of Smirnoff will make this easier.


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