Crocheting Woes; Take 2 (w/ pictures)

So, this is a continuation of my previous post, a shot of my current WIP, and a plea for help, all rolled into one.  See how I multitask?


HOkay.  So.  Here is my current WIP the way it looked last night, before I realized that I had completely messed it up.

3 23 13 002

(Please to be ignoring the mess around the… well… other mess.  The big green and white thing is what I’m trying to show, here.)

So, per the pattern, I sewed the side seams together (or so I thought), added the three rows of single crochet all the way around the bottom of the piece and back up the sides of both front pieces, then started on the 20 rows of shells for the ‘skirt’ of the cardigan.  What you see there is about 11 rows in to the skirt.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I have no idea where my brain was while I was putting that together.  It looks more like a blanket than a cardigan, right?


So then I went back and Google’d the heckfire out of “Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan” in hopes of finding someone who had made this garment successfully and – hope of all hopes – had posted pictures.  I found this wonderful post and about cried with gratitude.  I magnified the beejebus out of her pictures and used them as a guide, basically, to figure out what I had done wrong.  (It also helps that I went back and reread the pattern, and discovered one sentence that I had somehow managed to completely overlook during my initial reading.  D’oh.)


Being of a perpetually perky nature and also being an individual who is notoriously difficult to discourage, I ripped out just about everything I’d done over the last week or so (11 rows of shell stitching, 3 rows of single crochet, and the sewn in side seams) and started over again.  I haven’t got very far on it yet, but here’s what I do have so far:

3 23 13 001


Again, please to be ignoring the mess around the green and white mess, thank you.  I’m still not sure that looks like a cardigan, but to be fair to myself, I’m not finished with it yet, either.  That’s only the side seams sewn back in (in the right place this time, I hope), the three rows of single crochet along the bottom, and a single row of shell stitching.  I’m not entirely sure that it will look like a cardigan once I do finish it, so this is where the plea for help comes in.


If any of you have any experience with this pattern – “Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan” by Jenny King – pleasepleaseplease tell me if I’m at least on the right track here.


16 comments on “Crocheting Woes; Take 2 (w/ pictures)

  1. Donna says:

    From memory I had a really hard time with this pattern. My notes on ravelry are here I have made a couple of here pattern and they are all difficult. I love her stuff but I won’t make any again.

    • Gray says:

      I appreciate the link; I think I’ve managed to figure it out fairly well based on the pictures you’ve got posted here on WordPress. Thank you!

  2. Ronie says:

    THANK YOU both for your posts on this cardigan. I am a self-taught crochet hack. LOL I’ve got all the pieces done, but assembly is getting to me.

    Could you help me with two questions? 1.) It says to SEW the side seams–is that literally with a sewing machine? Gosh that sounds like such a dumb question, but . . . 2.) Are you supposed to the 3-row “band” all the way around the front panels? It seemed there was a band on the pictures, but I couldn’t find that the instructions said to do that.

    If you could help me at all with those questions, I’d GREATLY appreciate it!!

    • Gray says:

      Hi Ronie!

      To answer your questions, 1) No, it doesn’t literally mean to use a sewing machine. Here’s a good link to look at to get started with sewing your crochet seams. You can also look up some video tutorials on YouTube if you’re more of a visual learner. 2) Yes, the 3 rows of SC go all the way around to the front corner of the long sides of the two front pieces. Don’t go up the short sides, though, as that part of the band will be added last, all the way around the cardigan except for the bottom shells.

      I hope that answered your questions, and good luck! This one was a nail biter for me, that’s for sure, and I’ve recently starting making another cardigan in a larger size for myself, so hopefully I’ll remember my own previous oopses so I can avoid all that this time round. ^_^

      • Ronie says:

        THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU–for answering and for answering so quickly! I wanted to have this done to give my daughter in TX (we’re in VA) this weekend.

        Okay, I see! THANK YOU. I knew I was missing something with the sewing thing. LOL

        So, I”m still a little foggy on the front panels, but I think if I play with it and study your pictures a little more, I’ll get sorted.

        Seriously–THANK YOU! You’re a lifesaver!

      • Gray says:

        Yes, connecting the front panels to the back piece is what gave me a lot of trouble; just remember that you’re only connecting THREE ROWS of the front panels to the bottom three rows of the back piece. I missed that one sentence in the instructions and ended up connecting everything together and had to rip it all out. You can see in the photographs I’d posted what I mean. ^_^

        I’ll see if I can take a picture of my current cardigan in the works so you can get an idea of the 3 rows of SC for the band around the waist.

  3. Ronie says:

    I think what’s messing me up is the line under TO MAKE UP at the end that says: “Band 2: Work the 3 band rows (as above) along the bottom of the garment.” Does “garment” refer to the front panel? Ohhhh wait….or does it refer to the pieced-together back and 2 fronts? So, in your picture…would the Band 2 be done along the “U” shape at the bottom of your picture? Oh yes–because that’d be the waist, wouldn’t it?

    • Gray says:

      Here’s a couple of pictures I just took of the cardigan I’m currently working on; I added some notes in the photo so you can see where the band is and where the three pieces are. I’ll have to dig out my copy of the pattern again before I can properly answer your question.

      • Ronie says:

        YES!! Yes, yes!! THANK YOU!! Through your pictures (the ones already posted_) and the new ones, I am sorted!! I feel like I need to give you my firstborn children as thanks, but then I’d have nobody to give this cardigan to! LOL

        SERIOUSLY–THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am making notes on this. In fact–I’m going to print your pictures and staple it to my instructions so I don’t forget because I really like this cardigan.

      • Gray says:

        LOL I already have two children, so while I appreciate your offer of your firstborn, my initial reaction is, “NO, thank you.” ^_^

        I hope your daughter likes the cardigan once you’ve finished it; I would love to see pictures if you don’t mind posting them. My daughter still wears the cardigan I made for her, even though it’s starting to come apart now because she’s outgrown it. ^_^

      • Ronie says:

        Thank you! I certainly will take pictures and share them with you! I can’t express how grateful I am for those pictures. They totally helped!! In a BIG way!

    • Gray says:

      Yes…. Band 1 refers to the band along the straight, long side edge of your two front panels. Band 2 is – as you guessed – the part under the u-shapes in my picture. That U-Shape is the result of sewing the two front pieces to the back piece, and then, yes, you do the sc band all along that bottom edge. Hopefully the pictures I just took and added to my comment will make more sense.

  4. Mary Heindl says:

    I’m completely confused about assembling Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan…I wish someone would show the assembly step by step

    • Gray says:

      Yes indeed, the assembly step was the bit that gave me the most trouble, too. Just remember that only THREE ROWS of your front panels are going to be sewn to the back piece. It looks ridiculous at first, but it will make sense once you put it all together and finish crocheting it. You just have to keep in mind that it’s meant to be asymmetrical. ^_^ Please let me know if I can help you out!

      • Mary Heindl says:

        I’m completely confused about assembling Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan…I wish someone would show the assembly step by step
        Please explain what she means by the band and the skirt part
        I’m still very confused. And I can’t really tell by your photos.

      • Gray says:

        The ‘band’ is the three rows of SC along the bottom of the piece, once you’ve sewed the two front panels to the back panel. The ‘skirt’ is what she refers to that is underneath the ‘band’ – so the bottom of the garment. I hope that clears it up at least a little bit.

        Also, sorry about my late reply; things have been hectic at home. I haven’t had much time for internet stuff.

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