Scads of Scarves


This is a silver glitter basket weave scarf that I made back in July of 2012 for my daughter


This is another basket weave scarf in alternating gray and blue for my dad, also made in August of 2012.  I got the pattern for both of these scarves from CrochetGeek on YouTube, located here.  I simply used two colors and carried the color not currently in use for the second scarf.


This is a broomstick lace scarf – the pattern is from Crochet Geek on YouTube, located here –  but instead of using the smaller knitting needle that she does, I used a 25mm knitting needle to wrap my loops around.  I did two rows of double crochet in white, then two rows of the broomstick lace in the purple.  This scarf was made in August of 2012 for my step-mom.


This is a Revival pattern scarf done in glittery shades of purple for my friend Lisa, made in August of 2012  I got the pattern out of a book I bought from my local Michaels.  As soon as I find the book, I’ll post the name of it.


This is a lattice or mesh scarf with posies, done in September of 2012.  I got the pattern out of a book called, “I Taught Myself Crochet.”  It’s the 2010 edition, published by Simplicity Creative Group.


4 comments on “Scads of Scarves

  1. April says:

    These scarves are so cute! I’m trying to learn new stitches, ya know other than straight across single or double crochet. Seeing these really makes me want to try a little harder.

    • Gray says:

      Check out CrochetGeek on YouTube; she’s got a lot of really informative videos with LOTS of different stitches to try. Watching her videos is what got me back into crocheting after a REALLY long time of not doing anything with it. Now I can’t seem to stop. It’s an addiction. Yep.

      • April says:

        It really is an addiction! There’s something so calming about the repetition of it. I’ve seen some of her videos, she’s got some good stuff! Also Mike from the Crochet Crowd has some pretty neat stuff on You Tube. There’s so much out there you could spend hours perusing.

      • Gray says:

        It is very calming; I like to try and crochet a few rows at night just before I go to bed. I seem to sleep better when I do; or maybe it’s the thought that I’m just those couple of rows closer to finishing my project that has me sleeping easier. LOL I’ve never checked out Crochet Crowd; I shall have to do that as soon as I’ve finished my current project. Thanks for the tip!

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